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#totaperaki: The meaning

"To taperaki" is the greeklish word used for "the mealbox". "Το ταπεράκι" (/to tape'raki/) is a generic name widely used in the Greek language after the popularity of a specific brand of storage tubs in Greece. "To taperaki" is a term directly linked to homemade food: It is in "totaperaki" that Greek mothers store the lunch that kids take for school and it is in "totaperaki" that working people store the food they take from home for their lunch break. Now, "totaperaki" becomes your way of filling your mealbox with delicious homemade food.


The new take-away of homemade food is here. A global community for those who crave mama's food!


    You can create your profile of a cook or hungry taperistas in just a few minutes. All you need is your mobile phone or your computer!

  • FOOD

    You cook and upload the portions you have available for the taperistas. The taperistas, in turn, choose the food they crave!


    The taperistas place their orders and the cook receives them on their phone and /or email, and the money into their bank accounts!

Cook for the taperistas

You create your profile, upload your daily menu, set its price and the number of portions available and that's it! The taperistas pay for their meal and collect it from wherever you are in their proper mealbox (#totaperaki).

Do you want to be a taperistas?

Are you hungry and feel like eating homemade food?

Create your profile, choose a cook near you or on your way, place your order online and pick up your delectable food with your proper mealbox (#totaperaki)!

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  • Name

#totaperaki for business


Do you own a restaurant, a tavern, a cookshop or any other kind of place that serves homemade food? #totaperaki is the ideal solution for you to enter a new market.

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